How to Calculate Standard Deviation in Microsoft Excel [Easy steps with example] 2023

How to calculate standard deviation in Microsoft Excel

What Is Standard Deviation? To determine the standard deviation, a statistical measure that indicates the extent of data dispersion around the mean, we employ the square root of the variance. This method involves assessing the deviation of each data point from the mean and subsequently calculating the square root of the variance. In simpler terms, … Read more

What is SQL and best way to learn SQL for Data Science

What is SQL and best way to learn for data science

The first question comes to our mind while study about databases is, What is SQL? In simple words, the Answer is Structured query language (SQL) is a database programming language for storing and processing information in a relational database. To store, update or modify, remove, and retrieve data from the database, we utilize SQL statements. … Read more

Which Career Is Better Full Stack Developer Or Data Scientist?

Which career option is better full stack developer or data scientist

When graduating from college, then we might hear of data scientists, data analysts, full stack developers, software engineers, and UI/UX designers. Right? yes, everyone thinks similarly or on different alignments. but, we did not get proper answers in one place, we ended up searching on Google at different locations – Linkedin, Insta, Facebook, Quora, etc. … Read more

Which is better full stack or UI UX developer?

full stack or UI UX - which is better

Do you want to make your career in a full stack or UI UX development, lil a bit confused.Many questions come to your mind, right? but no worries, we will clear your all doubts and make sure you choose the right career path based on interest, job market, good salary, work culture, etc. Let’s first … Read more

Top 8 Tips to Prepare for an Interview with AI Tools

Best AI tools for job interviews and Prepare interview with AI Tools

I. Introduction In this technological space, AI (Artificial Intelligence) tools are becoming more common in a wide range of areas, such as the job market. Scale-up with AI tools can significantly enhance your interview preparation, giving you a competitive edge. In this article, we will explore the Top 8 Tips to Prepare for an Interview … Read more