Create a website with AI-generated Power Pages

Have you ever thought to create your website without any pain or effort. No, then this blog will surprise and unfolds good powerpack experience. Microsoft offers next generation AI powered Power pages platform that will allow us to create and design a websites or web portals easily and quickly. Let’s explore to create a website with AI-generated Power Pages.

What is Power pages platform?

Power pages is Low Code-No Code secure Software as a Service (SaaS) platform. You can Create, design, host and manage your website or portals with Microsoft’s out of the box templates and can customize it according to requirement. This is fascinating that, we can rapidly design, administer and configure websites across different web browsers and devices.

What are power pages features?

  1. Simplified design and templates offerings – Start your website with smart existing out of the box starter templates.
  2. Design Studio – This matches definition of low code and no code, because you can now create your website without having any coding experience (Java, PHP, html, JavaScript etc.).

It provides 4 different Design Studio workspaces :

i) Pages workspace – Create, design and manage our webpages for website. It has Main Navigation includes Home, Contact Us, Loan Calculator, about Us pages and other pages list as shown in below image.

Create a website with AI-generated Power Pages

ii) Styling workspace – Themes, Color palette – brand colors, Background Colors, styles, fonts, margins, spaces and other aesthetic look and feel can be managed here.

iii) Data workspace – Power pages is based on Dataverse database at backend. so data can be managed using tables, columns in Dataverse. We can create our own custom tables, views , forms etc.

iv) Setup workspace – for site management and administration purpose. Site details, Authentication, Security, Mobile settings, Integrations with Chatbots, cloud flow and external apps (preview) is managed and administer in setup workspace.

There is one more good feature in Site details in Setup option > Site Checker – this will tells us how secure our website it, and that is something that everyone is concern about. So, this feature will save you for any security attacks and alert you for any weaker config and settings.

3. Responsive Rendering – Power pages offers very responsive and mobile-friendly bootstrap design for smooth user experience for any device and browsers.

4. Advanced development features for developers – Developers can extend the power pages functionality in Visual Studio Code and MS Power platform Command Line Interface (CLI) for powerful business applications websites.

Step by step guide to create AI-generated power pages website using Copilot

Step 1 : Go to

Step 2: You can see Power pages home page. Start building your website with Copilot

Step 3: Describe the site you want to design and create. You can share your business purpose here, so Copilot help to design the same website.

Step 4: Add basic site details, site name and web address (URL) for website. you can change name in start, we can not change this name later.

Step 5: In this step, it ask to add common pages – such as contact us, about us etc. It will suggest you, so you can select it and go ahead for next step.

Step 6: It will setup and design your website, it may take few minutes (1-2) to create a website.

Step 7: Once it create a website, it will take you to Design Studio, where you can customize your website. You may see 4 workspaces as we discussed earlier, then Copilot will help us to add any page or styling etc.

Step 8: Suppose, you want to add any new About us page, then you can give prompt to Copilot then it will create that page for you.

Step 9: See below, it has created about us page for us withing few seconds. This copilot works really quick and smartly to accomplish our requirements.

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