Filter feature in Microsoft Power Apps Guide

Microsoft recently released new features to filter out the different apps in the Dataverse. As you know, there are different apps – Canvas App, Model driven app and others. so it is now easier for us to filter out those apps, and can run selective app accordingly.

Steps to check Filter feature in Microsoft Power Apps

Step 1: Login to Power Apps maker portal and select the Apps.

URL Link to open power apps portal:

You can see, there are 3 filters are given:

My Apps – These are logged in user created apps.

Shared with Me – These apps are shared with logged in user.

All Apps- All other apps are showcases in this list.

Step 2: You can check out – My apps, Shared with me and All apps filters. Check all the filters to see the apps based on the selected filter.

Step 3: There are different options showcases, when you click on three dots of apps.

Edit Mode: Open App in Edit mode and Edit in new tab as well.

Play Mode: This will run the application in play mode, as if we want to give demo to customer, then we can directly run our app from here.

Share: Share your app with other users in a team, and there is one more option : Add to Teams – that allow us to add this app directly to teams.

Details: Gives all the details about app, Ratings (preview), Performance (preview) and Monitor features are added here. Details also showcases various other details such as, Owner of App, Description, Created date, Last modified date, Web link of application, Mobile QR Code, App ID, Licenses allocation/designated details. If App uses premium connector in flow, then it suggested to use per app or per user plan licenses.

Settings: Allow to change app settings, rename app name and change billing type settings of app is available here.

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