How to customize Office ribbon in easy steps 2024

Did you get a time to look such features in Office 365, if not then you missed some amazing and quickly configurable features, that would be interesting to know and setup as well. One of them is how to customize the Office ribbon. Office ribbon means, all the Office programs included in Office 365 – Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel and others as well.

What things are possible to customize ?

  • You can create your own tab with commands.
  • You can also rearrange tabs, groups and custom commands in any order.
  • Allow to add and remove groups on existing tabs.
  • Allow to show, hide, and rename tabs.
  • Allow to export or import your personalized ribbon features.

Step by Step guide : How to customize Office ribbon in easy steps

I will take example to customize ribbon in Microsoft Excel.

Step 1: Open Microsoft Excel Sheet

Step 2: Go to File tab > Options. Under options, select the Customize Ribbon option

Step 3: Select Customize Ribbon option

Step 4: You can now create your own tab and group. Tab is similar like existing you can see File, Home, Insert etc. and Group is sub container of tab, like, Home has Clipboard, Font etc. Groups. You can Rename it according to your requirement.

Step 5: Rename the Group and Tab names with symbols.

Step 6: Add any commands to your custom created Group. I have added Calculate now, cut, Delete cells, Font color, Open commands in my ExcelTools custom group in ExcelOps Tab.

Step 7: See the following ExcelOps tab is added now.

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