How to embed PVA chatbot in Model Driven Power App

Yes, it is possible. With Microsoft’s new wave updates and Copilot studio updates, we can able to embed or integrate Power Virtual Chatbots in Model Driven Application i.e. also known as, Dynamics 365 CE Apps. Let’s see it in detail, How to embed PVA chatbot in Model Driven Power App.

What are Power Virtual Chatbots (PVA bots) ?

When you explore a website, then you might have seen bot prompts you for saying Hi, how may I help you? this is automated chatbot and worked on topics and dialogs added by backend logic feature. Power Virtual Agents offered from Microsoft is No-code user interface solution that will provide you facility to create conversational chatbots that easily integrate with the Teams and many other platforms and channels.

What are options available for embedding in different platforms?

There are multiple distribution channels available for integration or embed in applications.

  1. Microsoft Teams
  2. Demo custom website
  3. Mobile App
  4. Social Media platforms – Facebook, Skype, Slack, Telegram, Twilio, Line, Group Me etc.
  5. Email and Direct Line speech
  6. Customer Engagement Hub – Omnichannel (customer service app) , Genesys, Salesforce, LivePerson, ZenDesk

Step by step guide to embed PVA chatbots in Model driven app

1. Go to page and Edit the Sales hub model driven app in which you want to embed PVA chatbot.

2. Once you open app in Edit Mode, then Select New button in Pages to create a new custom page.

3. Select Custom Page option

4. Create a new custom page and Enter name for your chatbot that will showcase in Model driven app.

5. Select Insert button and search for Chatbot (preview) option and select it.

6. You can see your chatbot list (which you have earlier created in Copilot studio, if not – then create chatbot from here: Select your PVA chatbot, which you want to embed in app.

7. Your chatbot will get appear in Edit mode of canvas app custom page. you can set its all attributes, length, height and colors etc.

8. Save and Publish the custom page created for chatbot embed process in canvas power apps.

9. Enter all details and description properly and publish the custom page in canvas app.

10. Save and Publish the Model driven app now, to reflect custom page changes for bot.

11. Refresh 2-3 times, and you can now see your chatbot embed in Sales hub model driven application and also added in sitemap.

There are other ways also to integrate your PVA chatbots in different channels, this options are available in Copilot Studio under Channels, and Customer engagement hub feature.

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