How to install plugin in notepad++ in 3 easy steps [2023]

To expand the capabilities of Notepad++, plugins might be tiny or substantial improvements. While certain plugins for Notepad++ are pre-installed (you may select which ones to add when using the installer), you can always add more or less. The Plugins directory is found in the primary Notepad++ installation directory. Since these are DLL files, merely deleting or including them is sufficient. Let’s explore, How to install plugin in notepad++ manually and with Plugin Admin.

How to install a plugin

Install Plugin using Plugins Admin

You may quickly install plugins from the Plugins List using the Plugins Admin. To accomplish this, check the box next to the Plugin or Plugins you want to install, then choose the Install option.

Step 1: Open Notepad++, and select Plugins tab – Plugins Admin option.

How to install plugin in notepad++

Step 2: You can see 4 tabs: From Available tab, you can install any plugin you want. suppose, you want to install ActiveX plugin, then select it and click on install.

How to install plugin in notepad++

Step 3: You will see one popup box, click yes to proceed, and then once it is installed, then restart notepad++. Your new plugin will be showcased in Installed tab.

How to install plugin in notepad++

The Plugins Admin has 4 tabs:

  1. Available tab : Shows plugins you haven’t yet installed, and gives an Install button
  2. Updates : Shows plugins you have installed and gives an Update button
  3. Installed : Shows plugins you have installed, and gives a Remove button.
  4. Incompatible : Shows plugins you had previously installed but are no longer compatible with Notepad++

Install plugin manually

You can manually install a plugin even if it isn’t featured in the Plugins Admin. The plugin DLL file needs to be placed under the subfolder with the same name as the plugin binary name without the file extension in the plugins subdirectory of the Notepad++ Install Folder.

For example, if the plugin you want to install named myAndroidAppPlugin.dll, you should install it with one of the following paths: %PROGRAMFILES%\Notepad++\plugins\myAndroidAppPlugin\myAndroidAppPlugin.dll ⇒ normal 64bit installation – %PROGRAMFILES(x86)%\Notepad++\plugins\myAndroidAppPlugin\myAndroidAppPlugin.dll ⇒ normal 32bit installation – \plugins\myAndroidAppPlugin\myAndroidAppPlugin.dll ⇒ portable edition

If you install the plugin, you may configure it using the menu “Plugins”.

Key Information about Notepad++ Plugins:

Enhanced Functionality: Notepad++ plugins introduce fresh features and functionalities, effectively transforming it into a versatile text editor.
Diverse Use Cases: An array of plugins is available, each tailored to distinct purposes, thus catering to a wide range of user needs.
Easy Installation: Installing plugins in Notepad++ is a straightforward process, ensuring that users can quickly enhance their editing experience.

What Are the Key Benefits of Installing Plugins?

Increased Efficiency: Plugins are productivity boosters, capable of automating repetitive tasks, ultimately saving valuable time and effort.
Customization: Tailor Notepad++ to match your unique requirements by selecting and installing plugins that align with your workflow.
Extended Compatibility: Plugins often provide support for a multitude of programming languages and file formats, enhancing the editor’s adaptability to diverse needs.


What are Plugins in Notepad++?

Plugins within Notepad++ serve as additional components that expand the editor’s functionalities beyond its core capabilities. These plugins can serve various purposes, including adding new syntax highlighting, assisting with code debugging, or integrating version control.

How do I download plugin manager for Notepad++?

The plugin manager is no longer included with Notepad++ as of version 7.5.
You may noticed that the official package no longer includes the Plugin Manager plugin.
Alternate way to Download Plugin Manager from here.
You can find the most updated version in the release section in the Git repository:
Extract the contents of zip file under “C:\Program Files\Notepad++”
Restart Notepad++

Are Notepad++ plugins free?

Notepad++ is a free and open-source text and source code editor for use with Microsoft Windows.

How to re-install plugins admin?

if nppPluginList.dll or the whole Config folder is missing, you can re-install notepad++ 7.6.5. 32 bit over your existing notepad++ 32 bit, by using the installer from below link:
64 bit: if nppPluginList.dll or the whole Config folder is missing, please re-install notepad++ 7.6.5. 64 bit over your existing notepad++ 64 bit, by using the installer from below link:

Download Notepad++ from official website –

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