How to Turn ON and Off the new look in the Model Driven Apps?

Microsoft recently released the modern new look for the Model-driven apps as part of 2023 update in release wave and it is now Generally available (GA) in all the geographic regions. This look is really good in UI and UX that also transforms overall experience with latest layouts, themes, fonts, colors and aesthetics look with Microsoft fluent design. Let’s see, how to Turn ON and Off the new look in the Model Driven Apps.

New Features

  • Fluent UI Design component framework – You can see forms controls in business processes, forms, and views with automatic resizing feature.
  • Updated floating appearance in forms, views, dashboard pages which focuses on primary content and images.
  • Try new look feature to end users.

Step by step guide

We will see steps to turn on modern and new look in model driven app. follow below steps:

  1. You can see this new look in Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome browser.
  2. Go to Power Platform :
  1. Click on environment and open environment in which you would like to see new look.
  2. Click on Apps, and open your model-driven app
  3. You can see modern new look button to turn it on for overall new user experience change.

New UI Features

New look features comes with amazing user experience and listed below features :

  1. Forms UI Look – With new UI look of model driven app, forms look more simpler, and catchy with background texture sense. Layout, theme, fonts and texture colors looks very modern and live.

2. Views UI Look– Background, font, background texture all makes sense of modern look.

3. Grids UI Look

4. Field Controls

Field controls such as, text input field, checkbox, radio buttons, look up fields, and others are designed and modernized based on fluent design component framework.


  1. New look does not support in mobile and mail app yet, and Microsoft does not announced it as preview or GA either. But, it will soon launch for mobile and mail functionality.
  2. Users can’t customized personal or organizations themes because no such customizations options available yet.

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