Microsoft Copilot Studio : Create your own copilots in 2024

Microsoft always comes with something thrilling and exciting for its users, and now it launches Microsoft Copilot Studio, that allow you to create powerful AI-powered copilots for your number of use cases or problems. Microsoft Copilot studio is a low-code AI conversational tool that provide capability to create your own custom chatbots, chat GPTs, generative AI plugins and other amazing things at one place. This will solve number of problems, pain points, common questions come across organizations. Copilot is for users, anyone can develop it easily without need of any development knowhow. Let’s see what it exactly offers and how to create it in demo instance.

Some use cases where you can create your own copilot :

  • Customer service ticking system copilot
  • Sales support and help
  • Hospital patients health measures and policies
  • Common FAQs or Questionaries for business users

There are different Microsoft Copilot Studio versions available as:

  1. Web app
    Open link from here:
    If you are IT support engineer or consultant, then you can create copilots for your users/customers to address their issues.
Microsoft Copilot Studio
  1. Microsoft Teams App – Address organization or teams questions/issues by creating different chatbots in studio.

How is security and governance in Copilot Studio?

Microsoft Copilot Studio offers the Security Development Lifecycle (SDL), that are set of protocols to support best security assurance and compliance practices.

With this set of best practices, Power platform already have DLP – Data Loss Prevention features that is managing the security of data. This will extend the configurations for Data loss prevention policies for bots in your organization.

How to create your own Copilot?

Step 1: Open this link to get started :

Step 2: Create your Sales Copilot –

You can also add your website to get generative answers from copilot automatically based on website with the help of Generative AI feature.

Step 3: You can now create your own copilot for any use case. suppose, you want to create sales chat bot copilot, then you can easily develop it by amazing feature – Add Topic – Create from description.

It will automatically create copilot based on your description.

See below image, after building copilot – it showcases topics, lessons, and triggers added automatically for sales copilot business processes.

Credit: Microsoft

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