Microsoft Viva : Connect and Grow Organization in one place

Why do you need multiple apps for different operations, if you want to do your Human Resources (HR) operations, such as employee training, induction, learning, and all other ops. You might have used Zoho HR, One, Projects, and multiple organizations apps. Did you hear about Microsoft Viva, its Employee experience platform, that connects your organization, different works in one cloud environment. It offers one cloud roof (i.e. Microsoft 365 / Microsoft Teams), and you can perform all these HR learning, training, social organization events, chats, messages, connection with your employees and lot more at one location. This is fantastic, no foggy life of multiple apps and cost. You will get your all these apps under one license at lowest cost from Microsoft.

What exactly is Employee experience Platform?

This platform allows you to connect with all your employees, learning, growing and thriving together at one moment one place. As name suggests, it give experience to employees and users that can help them to connect more closely with organization.

What is Microsoft Viva?

It offers suit of apps and services that allow employees, users to use tools and resources to be successful in their career. This suit of apps, available directly in your Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams. It provides built-in capabilities and integrations with number of Microsoft providers ecosystem.

There are total 10 modules offered in Microsoft Viva:

Viva Learning

This is Centralized learning hub that will help your employees to focus on learning and building skills in a day. Your Organization can learn, share, recommend from learning content libraries provided by both your organization and partners.

Viva Learning
Viva Learning Credit: Microsoft

Key Features

  1. Create your own Organization Academy – Now, you can create your own academy in Organization/company, that can provide your own content, videos, training materials and focused routine to employees.
  2. Free access – This will give free access to set of 125 courses from LinkedIn Learning and other educational providers.
  3. Integration with SharePoint – You can share content, own videos, training courses and material to employees by integration with SharePoint. Currently it is supported for SharePoint sites from home geography (location) of the tenant. Means, Indian tenant (SharePoint site location) site can only link SharePoint sites hosted in India to Viva Learning.
  4. Bookmark, recommend and Share Courses with your employees and with each other – Its easier to bookmark, recommend and share relevant and interesting learning content with your team members in a Microsoft Teams.
  5. Tracking of Employee learning – Tracking employee learning data, such as the completed courses, the scores they have achieved, and the time they have spent learning.
  6. Creating personalized learning paths – Create personalized learning paths for employees based on their individual needs and goals.

Partner Integrations allowed with the following providers

  • SAP SuccessFactors
  • Cornerstone OnDemand
  • Pluralsight
  • edX
  • Udemy
  • Saba
  • Coursera
  • Skillsoft
  • Go1
  • Infosec
  • Josh Bersin Academy

Microsoft Viva Insights

Microsoft Viva Insights is really good application that can be used as productivity and a Workplace Analytics platform. It brings together knowledge, communication, resources and offers insights into an employee experience in Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 suite.

Microsoft Viva Insights

Key features

  • To build work and routine habits – It will provide personalized recommendations and insights that can build work and routine habits in Organization.
  • Actionable insights – In Outlook and Microsoft Teams help to get your task easily and withing time.
  • Focus Time – This measurable indicator if set then it will prompt you and notify for focus time in a day, and offers uninterrupted focus time. It helps employees and managers share their focus plans with each other so that they can hold each other accountable and provide support.
  • Guided Meditations and Exercises – It offers mindfulness content such as guided meditations and breathing exercises to assist employees and managers reduce stress and improve their mental well-being.

Viva Insights Functionality

  • Wellbeing – This allow you to reserve time to focus and take breaks in a day for your well being. You can stay on your track and mindfully close out your workday. Mute your all messages and emails during your off-hours. Stay always motivated and mentally healthy with Guided meditation plans in Viva insights.
  • Productivity – Now meetings will be productive and easier with this new functionality.
  • Teamwork – Connect with your network, review and work on your communication habits and praise colleagues.

Microsoft Viva Engage

It offers to connect and grow with your leaders, coworkers, peer teams, and communities. This is similar kind of social media for Organization, where people can share their thoughts, ideas, work experience, and other social stuffs with everyone. We can say, this could be your Facebook for Organizations.

Microsoft Viva Engage

Key Features

  • Viva Engage is integrated in the Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams collaborative working platform.
  • This platform can be used for measuring employee engagement and insights.
  • It makes it easier to communicate with field teams equipped with mobile devices (phones or tablets).
  • It enables communication, collaboration, and connection by setting up communities, publishing posts (including text, images, videos, documents, and @mentions), reactions and comments, and organizing polls and virtual events.
  • Provides customizable dashboards, that allow managers/administrators to review and monitor employee engagement and sentiment in real-time.

Microsoft Viva Connections

As name suggests, this is one way out to build strong and sustainable connection with you team. This is a customizable app that gives a personalized space to discover other Viva apps, relevant news, conversations etc. This facilitates, company news announcements, relevant publications, resources, and other important shares.

Microsoft Viva Connections

Viva Connections functionality

  • Feeds – Delivers updates to the right people at the right time with powerful targeting and scheduling capabilities.
  • Dashboard – It uses dynamic cards that employees can interact with and access training materials, review information etc.
  • Resources – Organizations can curate a list of useful links that will appear to employees such as health benefits, important forms, and division wise websites.
  • Announcements – Allow you to create and share time-sensitive messages.
  • Analytics – Review the number of people who have viewed and engaged with your organization’s Viva Connections experiences.
  • Integration with SharePoint – News and announcements published in SharePoint that can showcases as personalized feed, based on post-level targeting of the groups that employees belong to.

Microsoft Viva Goals

  • Each organization has short term and long term goals to achieve overall growth. and Microsoft comes with amazing solution that can provide facilities to set and manage a Goal by OKR framework. It will aligns teams to your organization’s strategic priorities, driving results and a thriving business.
  • Enables individuals and companies to organize and track their goals through the “Objectives and Key Results” (OKRs) framework.
  • Help to set effective goal planning and management, so organizations can drive maximum impact at every level, from leadership to managers to individual contributors
Microsoft Viva

Key features

  • Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) framework facilitates to define Goals and Initiatives using built in Out of the box templates.
  • Everyone can share their progress and insights across organization to dashboards.
  • Integration with number of providers and apps such as Azure DevOps etc.

Microsoft Viva Pulse

Viva Pulse is basically request ad-hoc feedback tool that can offer research-backed out of the box templates. Those templates used by CEOs, leaders and managers to get feedback from their employees on number of things at any moment quickly.
It organizes and manages out of the box feedback forms where leaders and managers can act on feedback when it matters.
Using research-backed templates, teams and business units can quickly share their experience and suggestions.

Microsoft Viva

Key Features

  • Real-time Employee Feedback
  • Pulse Surveys
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Anonymity and Privacy
  • Actionable Insights
  • Employee Well-being Monitoring
  • Integration with Microsoft 365

Microsoft Viva Amplify

Microsoft Viva

Viva Amplify helps you communicate with your organization by sending easier communications through different channels including SharePoint, email, and Teams. Viva Amplify offers ways to reduce email clutter, improve team collaboration, and keep track of your team’s progress, then Viva Amplify may be the right solution for your organization. Organizational Data in Microsoft 365 enhances user profiles by integrating external data (from systems like CRM or HR) with Microsoft 365 information.

This feature enriches profiles, addressing missing or outdated data, leading to improved experiences in Viva and Microsoft 365 services.

Microsoft Viva Glint

Microsoft Viva

Viva Glint empowers organizations to cultivate a workplace culture centered on feedback and collaboration.
Through sophisticated surveys and feedback mechanisms, it provides a dynamic channel for employees to express their thoughts, contributing to a continuous feedback loop.
The platform’s analytics and goal-setting functionalities further enable organizations to derive actionable insights, align individual and collective objectives, and foster a resilient and responsive workforce.

Key Features

  • Survey Creation and Deployment
  • Feedback Analytics and Reporting
  • Actionable Insight Generation
  • Real-time Feedback Facilitation

Microsoft Viva Topics

Microsoft Viva

Viva Topics allow to provide the information to users when they need it. New employees asks a lot of questions and doubts regarding new training content and materials, so they need one source where they can direct find and search relevant content easily.

Employees spend lot of time in searching valuable content and details, so this solution facilitates easier and relevant content and information to employees and users at the right moment, and saves lot of time.

Viva topics uses Microsoft AI and ML technologies to bring such valuable content and materials to employees.

Overall, Microsoft Viva suit provides complete package for employee experience, connect, grow and learning platform, that help organizations progress and sustainable growth with solution.

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