What is Microsoft Teams? All Hard Questions Answered in 2023

Microsoft Teams is the best messaging and meetings app for your Organization, business, and personal use and is a part of the Microsoft 365 technology stack applications. It’s a place where you can collaborate and communicate in real-time, hold video meetings, message, call, and share files and spreadsheets. You can send beautiful and crazy emojis, smilies, etc. Everything is centralized, visible, and open to all. Let’s understand What is Microsoft Teams Meeting in detail.

What is Microsoft Teams -Video Credit: Microsoft

What are the features of Microsoft Teams?

What is Microsoft Teams Meeting App
Microsoft Teams Meeting App
  • Messages and Chat feature – You can message anyone in the organization just like Whatsapp chat, it saves our time to write emails for the same.
  • Teams Meetings (Calls and Videos) – You can schedule Video Meetings, including Audio, Video calls, meeting recordings, file sharing, Screen sharing for presentation, parallel chatting, and real-time Transcription in any language. It will generate your whole transcript for a meeting, so you don’t need to take notes in the meeting.
  • File Sharing – This is a good document manager, you can share files of any kind (PDF, DOC, Images, etc.). You can also work collaboratively on the same document( Edit, Update) in Teams.
  • Calendar – Teams has extensive calendaring, similar to Microsoft Outlook email, so users can keep track of their workweek, meetings, and other daily commitments. The calendars for Teams and Outlook are closely connected.
  • Teams and Channels – You can create teams and channels within Teams. It can be used as public or private as per invitations.
    Channels help to build and work in different teams such as Marketing, sales, and Business app channels.

What are the benefits of Microsoft Teams?

  • Team Togetherness: Imagine all your work buddies in one virtual room. Microsoft Teams lets you chat, call, and even have video meetings together, even if you’re miles apart.
  • File Friendliness: No more endless email attachments. You can share and work on files all within Teams. It’s like a big shared folder that everyone can use without the mess.
  • Task Tackling: Keep track of what needs to be done. Teams have a place to list tasks, who’s doing them, and when they’re due. It’s like a digital to-do list for your whole team.
  • Meeting Magic: Say goodbye to travel time. Teams let you have meetings online with video and audio. It’s like bringing the conference room to your laptop.
  • Chat Charm: Quick questions or fun chats, Teams lets you message your colleagues like you’re texting. It’s like having a work chat app that keeps things professional.
  • One Hub: Imagine having all your apps, files, and conversations in one place. That’s Teams – your hub for everything work-related.

How do I install Microsoft Teams?

You can install it on Windows, MacOS, and Mobile devices.

  1. Go to Microsoft Teams Download page here- https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-teams/download-app
  2. Download it for desktop or Mobile devices. Click Save File.
  3. Go to your downloads folder and double click on it, and install it.
  4. When it asks for login to Microsoft using your Work or school account then add your email address and password. If you want to make 2-factor authentication (MFA) then you can do it.
  5. After installation is completed, Click on the Teams App icon from the start menu or search for it in the start menu.
  6. Now, You can use Teams for Calls, chat, sharing files, etc.

Are Microsoft Teams secure?

Yes, Network communication in Teams is always encrypted. Microsoft Teams come with a number of security features, such as two-factor authentication (2FA), single sign-on (SSO), and data encryption both in transit and at rest

All Teams data is safeguarded on the network by mandating all servers to use certificates, as well as by utilizing OAUTH, Transport Layer Security (TLS), and Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol (SRTP).

Is Microsoft Teams a video call?

Yes, It has Video and Audio calls, and meetings features. You can schedule virtual video and audio meetings. It depends on the user to make the Video camera ON/Off based on meeting type.

Who can use Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is for everyone. You can connect with your family and friends outside of the office, co-workers in the Organization, and Students and teachers in schools available on desktop and mobile.

How do I join a Microsoft Teams meeting without an Account?

No matter if you have a Teams account or not, you can attend a meeting at any moment from any device.

  1. Go to the Teams meeting invite from your Outlook or Gmail account and select “Click here to join the meeting”.
  2. This will open a web page, where you will see two options – “Continue on this browser” and “Join on the Teams app.”
    You don’t need to install the Teams app to join the meeting.
  3. Click on Continue on this browser and Chrome/Edge browser will ask if it is okay for Teams to use your mic and camera. Then select Allow, you can always turn off your mic and/or video once you join the meeting.
  4. It will ask prompt you to add your Name if you are not part of an organization or do not log in from your official Microsoft Account.
  5. When you are ready then select the “Join Now” button.

Can I join Teams by phone?

Yes, You can join it either from a Phone or Computer without having Teams App. you can simply join the meeting from Edge or Chrome browser.

What is a meeting lobby on Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams Lobby
Microsoft Teams Meeting Lobby Credit: Microsoft

In Teams meetings, attendees are prevented from entering the room until an organizer, co-organizer, or presenter grants them access. The meeting’s organizers, co-organizers, and speakers are informed when attendees are in the lobby and can decide when to let them in.

What do you need for a Microsoft team meeting?

A Meeting link is all that is required to join a Teams meeting. Select You can select whether to join the meeting online or by downloading the desktop program by clicking the link to join the meeting in your meeting invitation.

Can I join Teams meeting without App?

Yes, you can join Teams meeting without App, you just required a meeting link invite.

Can anyone join a Teams meeting?

Yes, one who has a Meeting invite link, can join it.

Is Microsoft Teams like Zoom?

Zoom is primarily a tool for video conferences, webinars, etc. The MS Teams is a single solution that includes team chat, video conferencing, sharing files, and other productivity tools.

What is the difference between Google Meet and Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is an all-in-one collaboration platform with video conferencing, whereas Google Meet is a separate video conferencing option within the Google Workspace system.
Google Meet is better suited for lone users.
Microsoft Teams is more oriented toward corporations and businesses.

Can I use Teams with Gmail?

Yes, you can use it with Gmail. All you need to be required is a meeting invite to join any meeting.

Do Microsoft Teams have a time limit?

You can have unrestricted one-on-one meetings for up to 30 hours with Teams’ free version. Unlimited 60-minute group meetings are permitted. 100 people maximum per meeting.

Is Microsoft Teams free or paid?

Yes, you will get a free version with some features. but Teams has a premium plan (Teams Essentials) with additional features that need to buy.

You get the following with Teams’ free version:

  • Unlimited one-on-one Meetings lasting up to 30 hours.
  • Unlimited 60-minute group meetings are permitted.
  • Maximum 100 participants per meeting.
  • Each user gets 5 GB of cloud storage.
  • Unlimited chats/conversations with clients and customers.
  • Features with Tasks, polling, and file sharing.
  • Data Encryption for calls, meetings, chats, and files.

Teams Essentials has premium or additional features, including:

  • 30 hours of unlimited group meetings are allowed.
  • 300 people are allowed at one Meeting.
  • Each user gets 10 GB of cloud storage.
  • 24/7 phone and online web help.

How many users can join a Teams meeting?

Maximum 1,000 invitees can join a meeting and utilize chat, audio, and video features. A maximum of 10,000 view-only participants can join the meeting, they can only be in view-meeting mode.

Which is better Skype or Teams?

Core communication and collaboration features of Skype are free for lone users and small organizations on a budget. The robust and reasonably priced Microsoft Teams offer can be more valuable to larger teams and businesses.


Microsoft Teams is like a digital workspace for teamwork. It’s one of the good applications that brings together chat, video meetings, file sharing, and collaboration all in one place. This act as a virtual office space where you can chat with colleagues, have video meetings, and work together on documents.

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